FRSH Salman Khan Hand Sanitizer Started in 2020 From Salman Khan , Most People wait for this hand sanitizer brand, and I hope all people like this salman khan FRSH hand sanitizer, introducing Fresh, one of India’s ‘growing brands for personal care’. Entering the market with effective, instant advanced hand sanitizer with powerful concentration of 72% alcohol. 

This sanitizer destroys 99.9% of bacteria and viruses ensuring impeccable hand hygiene. It leaves behind a refreshing and long lasting fragrance. 

FRSH sanitizers are also enriched with vitamin E and have excellent moisture which helps prevent skin irritation.

A specially designed, cleansing solution to protect yourself from disease-causing germs is a powerful answer to your hygiene needs. 

The basin does not need to be rushed all the time. Choose powerful protection without the use of soap and water. 

FRSH Hand Sanitizers are regularly recommended for cleaning your hands and surroundings. 

Use by hand immediately after contact with external surfaces, objects, pets or a person. 

Thoroughly clean any edible item before touching or drinking. Germs hide in corners and areas of your home and can easily enter your body with your hands.

Cleaning your hands with FRSH sanitizers provides powerful protection against germs transmitted by direct contact. Eliminate germs and start FRSH. 

Currently available in 100 and 500 ml in 2 sizes.

Best Hand Sanitizer For Covide-19