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Hello everyone, there is an appeal from the 99 website, Everyone knows where Covide-19 comes from. Therefore, not only our country but the whole world has suffered and is still suffering. Then with our India now. More and more our neighbors are trying to harass us in this situation. Therefore, it is requested to stop exporting goods from that country. And buy and support brands in our country, so you can help the country at home and upset the country. We are bringing you Made In India All these items are on Amazon launchpad. Below is a link to the items you can buy. I hope you will help our country. Thank you.

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Made In India

Luxury Tableware: Impress your guests by presenting any delicacies on your desert, chutney and pickles or our convenient wooden lazy Susan. Made from natural mango wood and with a prickly surface that easily bends over its sturdy bottom and a beautiful rustic look, this piece will enhance any decor. This truly durable tableware is suitable for any situation from formal events to everyday home use and will add charm to your collection; Size (L x B x H): 10 “x 10” x 10 “

Handmade and food safe: We’re not about machine-made perfection, but celebrating hand-made imperfections. That’s why all of our products are handmade. From molds to motifs, your artisans take life in materials. We have learned from nature that what looks good also does good. Durability is central to our design and none of our products come at an environmental cost. Our processes, materials, designs and ideas are expressions of love for Mother Nature.

Zero movement transfer: As you sleep, the mattress gently holds you up, cushions your body, and responds to your movements throughout the night. It provides unparalleled comfort and support with virtually zero speed transfer from your partner.

10 Years Warranty : The ZipNap mattress comes with a standard 10 years manufacturer’s warranty that will ensure sound sleep for a very long time without any hassles!

You need to start gardening in a box: with our one-to-one gardening kits you can start planting your own personal garden. This kit includes everything and instructions along with instructions on how to take care when the plants germinate and grow from seed.

Beautiful and Eco-friendly gift: Gardening, especially growing and caring for plants, is a great hobby and stress-booster. And this kit is a special and unique gift for all occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, housework, greetings and Diwali.

Less than a second – Say goodbye to bulky password combinations to unlock, you can now unlock your smart padlock in split seconds with your finger. The Latch Mini has an amazing fingerprint sensor that reads and opens at the speed of a flash. The outer hair of this lock is made of a non-slippery weather-resistant silicone material with a yellowish coating which makes it more attractive and attractive.

SLEEK & SECURE PADLOCK WITH STURDY STRUCTURE – A new, intuitive, powerful smart lock that is revolutionized with advanced technology that opens at the touch of your finger. A lock that can’t be picked- it’s too smart and too strong. Made with durable materials (Zinc alloy and Steel 303 SUS) and designed with muscle in mind, it is IP65 weatherproof made for secure unlocking and works seamlessly in any weather condition.


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