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Samsung Galaxy m31 Review | India 2020

Samsung Galaxy M31 Review | India 2020



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Samsung Galaxy M31

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Samsung Galaxy M31 Review | India 2020

The best you can get at this price from a well-known brand with the Made in India tag. I write after a few days of use, but my experience with Samsung is very consistent compared to other mobile brands I have used before.


Android 10! Is beautiful! Finally,  now you remove SMS from notification !!

  • The display is amazing with blue light filters.
  • The performance is good. No heating or lagging. Real racing worked well. 
  • 6000 Mah battery is large
  • 128GB storage is great. The 512 GB card is supported with a dedicated external card slot.
  • Two dedicated SIM slots support LTE.
  • Fast charging and 15W charger top with the phone. The phone comes with a 0% charge. Charged fast.
  • Mobile speakers are good, but I prefer external speakers for better bass in music.
  • The camera is really cool. Macro performance is great –
  • look at the skin in the tattoo photo, the dust particles in the desk phone photo !! (M31 images from other phones) Both front and rear cameras support FHD video 3840×2160. I do not need to carry my DSLR everywhere.
  • Face unlock / figure-print sensor response is good.


  • Not thin, but good.
  • Samsung has no decks.
  • Enabled for the boot screen !! It gave me a little shock but opted for a reboot, and then everything went smoothly.
  • Android updates (unlike many in-app updates that are common in any case) appeared within days of launch. But the update is smooth. No problem.
  • Looks delicate on hand but the Rs 49 cover is great. While the set is blue, it was incorrectly ordered in black. Only 49 then blue does as well.
  • Called the Samsung Store, but had no information with them about the availability date. Still no call to him. (5G Mobile Phones)


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