Bose Companion 50 Multimedia Speaker System

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Bose Companion 50 Multimedia Speaker System

Bose home theater


The Bose Companion 50 multimedia loudspeaker is our greatest three-piece computer loudspeaker

Delivering multi-channel content with a spacious sound stage from just two visible speakers and a hideaway Acoustimass module.

With one simple connection, you’ll now enjoy thrilling, enveloping audio that brings computer music, videos, and games to life in vivid detail. Make sure the facility cord is/are securely connected.

If either end of the facility cord(s) is/are not firmly connected, the facility connection could also be inconsistent.

While checking the facility connection for the Bose system, make certain the facility connection of any device connected to the system is additionally securely connected.

make certain the facility cord(s) is/are plugged into a working power outlet(s).

If the outlet is controlled by a wall switch, confirm the switch is within the On position.

Test the outlet with another device. If necessary, plug the system into a special output.

Note: Some power strips cut power to outlets when certain other outlets aren’t turned on. Check the manufacturer for details

True Space digital processing circuitry produces a riveting sound that envelops you, plus strong center imaging – delivering much of the acoustic performance you would possibly expect from a five-speaker system,

Allows you to easily enjoy premium content at your computer; Control pod ;

Type: Laptop/Desktop Speaker;

Other Audio Features: True Space Surround Digital Signal Processing Circuitry, Proprietary Speaker Arrays, Acoustimass Module; Controls: Control Pod, Touch-sensitive Mute on Control Pod.

Proprietary speaker arrays let the user enjoy a high-quality performance from small, elegantly designed speaker arrays that need little or no desktop space, and digital signal processing circuitry ensures exciting realism and consistent quality of sound.

This enables the module to be hidden within the listening to the area and allows for little, visible speakers without sacrificing performance, while the energy-saving low-power mode lets the system conserve energy with none effort from the owner when idle.

The system immediately wakes up when the owner is prepared to concentrate again.

No sound card upgrade, no software to load, no adapters – one simple connection delivers exhilarating sound with plug-and-play simplicity.

Touch-sensitive mute on control pod – users can quickly mute the system with just an easy touch.

Control Pod: Intuitively and conveniently located volume control allows owners to simply connect headphones or a second source, like a tablet, mobile, or portable music player.

Elegant appearance with a sleek look complements almost any décor while fitting neatly on a desktop and finished with graphite and silver accents.

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